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Client Case Study: Choosing a new bathroom suite for the Marsh family

At our two-floor bathroom showroom in Lewes, we regularly help trade customers choose a bathroom suite for their clients, as well as working directly with home owners to make sure they get exactly what they want, which was the case with the Marsh family. Nickie and Simon Marsh were updating their family bathroom and didn't know where to start looking for a new bathroom suite.  Their builder recommended a visit to our Lewes bathroom showrooms.

Please describe your property

NM: We live in a three-bedroom semi-detached home built in the 1980s. We only have one bathroom upstairs and a downstairs toilet.  The bathroom is a typical size for the age of the house, so not massive but it works. 

Tell us about your bathroom before the renovation

SM: We've been living in the house for 8 years and the bathroom is the one room we haven't done anything with, so it needed an update.  It had an awkward layout where you would practically have to sit on the toilet just to use the sink, so we wanted to change that.

Whirlpool Bath

What were you hoping for?

SM: All we knew was that we wouldn't be continually updating the bathroom, so we needed a bathroom suite that would last quite a while and not look dated in a couple of years' time.

 NM: In a holiday cottage we stayed in about a year ago, there was a whirlpool bath and our two young boys, who enjoy bath time anyway, absolutely loved it so we wanted to try and incorporate that as well.

How easy was it to choose a new bathroom suite? NM: Really difficult, but that was due to there being a lot of choice!!  The Chandlers team was great and really listened to what we had to say.  They took on board the bad layout and understood that this bathroom suite had to last. 

SM: They helped us choose a great toilet and vanity unit combination from the Alliance Furniture range which we never would have been aware of if they hadn't shown us – this solved the layout problem.  They designed the whole thing for us so we were able to see how it would look.

NM: I didn't realise that we could choose pieces from separate ranges, so we added in a whirlpool bath, which we all love.

Did you encounter any problems? NM: We didn't experience any problems with the design, delivery and installation.  The only downside was the upheaval of being without a family bathroom for 10 days, but it was something we expected.  We're lucky that we have a downstairs toilet and great neighbours who 'lent' us their bath and shower. They came to have a look at the end result and, like us, were really impressed, and will be visiting Chandlers Bathrooms to choose a new bathroom suite for their own home!

SM: It was worth it though as the new bathroom suite looks great and seems to have made the room look bigger.

Choose the perfect Bathroom suite with expert help from Chandlers Bathrooms

If like Nickie and Simon you will be updating your bathroom and don't know where to start, visit our Lewes showroom and chat with our team who will give you all the help you need. You can also visit our showrooms online. Call into our Lewes showroom or contact our bathroom sales team on 01273 479956 to find out more.

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