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Use a design service to create the perfect bathroom suite

At Chandlers Bathrooms we offer an expert service that allows our customers to achieve the perfect bathroom suite, no matter what the size of the available space. This means you really can turn your dreams into reality.

Using a design service to enhance your home

Bathrooms are known to be important rooms when looking to buy or sell a home, so having a bathroom suite fully designed to make the best use of the space you have can really help to enhance your property and add long-term value to it.  Designers will tailor each part of the suite to your exact measurements making great use of every single bit of space and ensuring your new bathroom is completely suitable to your and your family's lifestyle. 
The bathroom design experts at Chandlers will use their expertise to suggest a range of products to create the perfect bathroom layout that will be entirely practical as well as aesthetically appealing.

Making great use of fitted bathroom units

To complement your new bathroom suite, fitted storage designed to cleverly fit into even the most difficult of spaces is something that a bathroom designer is great at. Where you might think your awkward sloping ceiling is something you are just going to have to live with, a bathroom designer will be able to suggest a way that it can be used to stow items away keeping your bathroom looking clutter free.

Not only does this help to optimise the available space, but the fitted storage will also look seamless and neat. 

Don't worry about matching

Generally, when we buy a new bathroom suite, we will choose the basin, toilet and bath from a single range, however, one of the many benefits of using our design service is that the designers know all the products that are available.  Therefore, use their expertise and don't be afraid to mix it up.
Long gone are bathroom suites in shades of pink, avocado and chocolate brown. White is the only acceptable colour that should be used for a bathroom suite, which allows you to pick and choose pieces from different ranges to suit your requirements.
For example, if you want a statement, free-standing bath, you may want to spend extra to get exactly what you want, then choose a lower priced basic toilet. Similarly, switching to a stylish glass sink can really add the wow factor to a bathroom suite. 

The perfect bathroom suite from Chandlers Bathrooms 

At our extensive, two floor bathroom showroom in Lewes, our team of experts are happy to work with you to create the perfect bathroom suite. Using the latest software, they will highlight the products that will enable you to have everything you want in the space you have.  

Call into our Lewes showroom or contact our bathroom sales team on 01273 479956 to find out more.

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