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Bathroom suite considerations for an ensuite

Ensuite bathrooms were previously considered to be a luxury, but have now become a must have room and are high on the list of people's 'wants' when looking for a new property. Whether you are adding an extension to create an ensuite, creating a new bathroom from an existing room, or upgrading a tired and dated ensuite, choosing the right bathroom suite for the right space is very important.

Before you go ahead and start choosing a bathroom suite for your new bathroom, there is one important thing to consider: generally, house prices are determined by the number of bedrooms a property has, not by the number of bathrooms. Therefore, if the resale value is important to you, it is not good practice to forsake a bedroom to create an ensuite.


Can you fit in a full bathroom suite?

For most families, an ensuite bathroom is all about practicality. It can help to give a bit of relief to the early morning bathroom rush hour when everyone is seemingly looking to use the bathroom at the same time.

Very often ensuites are one of the smallest rooms in the house so being able to include a full bathroom suite is not always achievable. Therefore, as baths are the largest part of a bathroom suite, do you really need one in your ensuite, or will a freestanding shower be a better solution?
However, if your main family bathroom suite doesn't have a bath, consider fitting one into your ensuite, as baths can add value to a property. Also investigate space saving sinks and toilets, as these will help you to create space in a small ensuite.

Is a wet room a better option than a bathroom suite?

You may choose to bypass the full bathroom suite option entirely and design a wet room instead. As well as being extremely space saving, they are also very stylish and contemporary and really come into their own in small spaces.

Additionally, as a shower uses considerably less water than a bath, they are a good option for those that are conscious of their water usage.
If choosing a wet room instead of a traditional bathroom suite you will need to think about your ensuite's decoration, as it will need to be water proof. This means tiling every part of the room, from the floor right up to the ceiling.

Bathroom Suite


Let Chandlers help you choose your new ensuite bathroom suite

At Chandlers Bathrooms we're certain you will find the right bathroom suite to fit in with your lifestyle. Our specialist bathroom showroom in Lewes has a dedicated Villeroy & Boch showroom as well as a comprehensive range of fixtures and fittings from well-known and established companies.
Our expert staff are more than happy to help you choose the right bathroom suite to create the perfect ensuite and can be contacted on 01273 471188.

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