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Bathroom furniture fixes to modernise your home 

Bathrooms can be one of the most heavily-used areas of the house but can often go overlooked when it comes to DIY projects. Left as they are they can become the one area of your home stuck in a time warp and look at odds with kitchens and living areas stuffed with high-tech gadgets and mod cons.
But with the huge variety of sleek, futuristic furniture available you can turn your bathroom into a modern pampering paradise, with gleaming chrome, sharp lines and high-tech fixtures to bring it up to date. Here, we explore the bathroom furniture fixes you can easily employ to modernise your home.
Turn up the heat
Radiators are designed to sit unassumingly on your wall doing their job quietly and efficiently. But this doesn't have to mean they have to look boring or unstylish – especially in a bathroom where they're expected to be on show.
Towel rails are a modern way of heating your bathroom and with so many modern, alternative and stylish designs available you won't want to hide yours under bath sheets and flannels. 
Our Bisque range of rails are funky and modern. From a hanger shaped chrome design to a twisted corkscrew style pillar and candy-coloured boxes, these will brighten up your bathroom and provide a fun alternative to the traditional radiator.
Clever storage
Bathrooms can often be small spaces so finding multi-purpose furniture, that combines functionality and storage space, is ideal. For decades under the sink cupboards have been the mainstay staple for storage, coming in fairly standard designs.
But bathroom furniture has moved on and there are now scores of solutions that provide hidden storage in sleek designs. 
Our Alliance range of under sink cupboards offer deep drawers that can hold dozens of lotion, potions and grooming products, or cleaning materials that you want hidden from view.
Other options can include stand-alone cupboards, slender enough to stand in a free corner, or wall mounted cabinets – that can be dual purpose by being fitted with a mirror. 
Shower in style 
Showers are the modern choice for many homes but they can be instantly dated – and hidden – by a damp-looking curtain. 
Instead of tucking your shower behind a plastic sheet, install a smart enclosure. These can be tailored to fit showers over baths, folding away for easy access when cleaning, and provide a neater alternative that will keep your bathroom looking up to date.
For those homes with a separate shower there are a wide variety of styles available – including many suitable for wet-rooms. Chrome, glass and tiles have replaced plastic as the popular building blocks for enclosures, which are extremely versatile and can be adapted to fit any space or bathroom. 
On hand to help
For modern bathroom furniture ideas, inspiration and solutions pop in to our Lewes showroom and discuss how Chandlers can help you create your dream bathroom. 
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